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July 8, 2020
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Countdown for chocolate begins now

Imagine the world without chocolate. This is going to be a disaster for chocolate lovers. As chocolate is going to become a rare item in 2020 and perhaps become extinct then on.

According the market trend analysis disclosed by the multinational company, Barry Callebaut there is going to be increase in demand of cocoa and decrease in its supply.

Though it has been termed as market fabrication by many in the cocoa research community but majority has expressed concern over the future of chocolate. Main reason behind this ­concern is climate change.

According to Pamela Thornton, who analyses the cocoa market, “The climatic phenomenon El Nino will take place in Ecuador and Indonesia and we have noticed dryer than normal weather in West Africa. 2015 will see a shortage of cocoa and it will be quite substantial, probably of 250,000 tons, the biggest in several years. In the meantime the demand is growing 2-2.5 percent every year.”

Main factors that will lead to scarcity of the fruit are consequences of Climate Change, El Nino’s (warm phase in oceanic atmosphere) arrival in Ecuador, increased consumption in populous parts of Asia, such as India, and the transition towards new models of production, as is already happening in Brazil.

In 2015, ninety percent of the plantations in Brazil were lost. More than 250,000 rural workers became unemployed and moved to the cities, where they then built favelas. “Some former cocoa farmers’ children now sell crack in the favelas,” says Daniel Piotto, a professor at Federal do Sul da Bahia University, Brazil.

Same is the case for Ecuador and India. These factors shout out at mankind that what one is doing to nature and ultimately oneself.