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July 11, 2020
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When Sonam Kapoor actually met death

MUMBAI- Sonam Kapoor has performed the role of a brave heart lady, Neerja Bhanot in her recently released film, Neerja.

But it is quite surprising to know that the diva is just as brave and noble in her real life as well. As according to the Indian media, while Neerja has become an epitome of courage after she saved the lives of 359 passengers on board the hijacked PanAm flight 73, Sonam, who reprises the character onscreen, has also saved a life in the face of death.

In an interview, the actress revealed that she was in a severe accident once when she was younger (15) and the only thing that saved her and her friend Kunal Ranwal’s life was her intuition.

Sonam revealed that she was in a car with a friend when the car suddenly stopped. Sonam started to get a very bad feeling and she asked the friend to get off the car immediately.

However, before Kunal could get off, his side of the car had caught fire and his door was jammed. Instead of running for her own life, Sonam struggled to pull Kunal out and managed to get him out safely seconds before the car blew up.