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September 24, 2020
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Three tips to find dream job on social media

Are you a feverishly ‘employed’ in job hunting? Well, your social media account is not just for sharing sad status about your unemployment, it has more objectives than that.

Here are the ways to find job on social media,


A simple “Like” on FB pages of companies can smoothly keep you updated of their activities. It’s better to tweak your privacy settings to keep personal things private while setting your work history and professional portfolio to public.

Facebook also has an excellent “Graph feature” which will enable you to trace people in your network working in the field of your interest. “Subscribe” to their news feed to gain an easy insight of the corporate sector.

Moreover, fill in the new FB feature of “Professional Skills” in the About Me section of your Timeline in order to complement your work experience.


Search out companies and important business leaders you want to work with and follow them for job listings. Use hashtags like #careerchat, #jobseekers and #jobhuntchat to connect yourself with other job seekers.

Track trending topics and join discussions revolving around job subjects. Share wise tweets that will not only inspire people but also help you expand your network.

Also, you can be creative by updating your Twitter bio with your professional skills and work experience along with your look-out job.


Creating LinkedIn account is not enough, you need to update it frequently. Creating a detailed work bio with your best professional picture is the key to an ideal Linkedin profile. Use the “Rich Media” feature to highlight your professional portfolio and achievements.

Link up with the relevant professionals in your interested work field. More than 50 connections will upgrade your LinkedIn profile in the search rankings, which will ultimately put you in the limelight for likely career opportunities.

You can request your ex- boss and clients for a recommendation and ask your friends and coworkers to rate your skills and capabilities. If you have a blog, connect it to your LinkedIn page so that all latest blog entries appear there as well.

What’s more, adding the link to your LinkedIn profile in your email signature will be a cherry on the top.

Your online activity and portfolio on social media is as vital as your resume. What you post and share with those in your network can make or break your chances of seizing a great job opportunity.

So play it smart and build a perfect online presence. Happy Hunting.