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May 30, 2020
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Seven things your iPhone can do but you don’t know it

Your iPhone is capable of doing much more than you presume. It holds a handful of features that are unknown to many.

Here are some of the incredible features that your iPhone have given that you possess iOS and higher or iOS and higher.

Respond to texts without unlocking your phone.

You can respond to texts directly from your lock screen by pulling down on the notification drawer and swiping over to the left on the text notification. You’ll see a “Reply” option, and tapping it will let you type a response without having to unlock your iPhone.

Send audio and video messages that self-destruct.

You can send audio snippets and video messages that expire after two minutes. If you head to Settings>Messages and scroll to the bottom, you’ll notice a section for audio and video messages. You can choose to let them expire after two minutes or never.

Control your iPhone by simply moving your head.

This is another feature buried in the Accessibility section. Navigate to Settings>General>Accessibility and then scroll down to the Interaction subhead and tap “Switch Control.” Tap “Switches” and “Add New Switch.” Select “Camera” and choose “Left Head Movement” or “Right Head Movement.” Then pick an action under the “System” menu, which essentially tells you what task your head movement will trigger.

See everywhere you’ve been.

You’re iPhone tracks each place you’ve been, and there’s a way to find it by digging into your phone’s settings. Press the Settings icon and head to Privacy>Location Services>System Services.  Then, scroll to the bottom and select “Frequent Locations” and look at the History section.

Save battery by putting your phone in grayscale mode.

If you’re running low on juice and just need basic functionality from your iPhone, try switching it to grayscale mode to save power. Just head to Settings>General>Accessibility and tap “Grayscale.”

Access emergency medical information directly from the lock screen.

If you set up a Medical ID in the Health app that comes with iOS 8, you can access medical information without having to unlock your iPhone. Tap the “Emergency” button that appears with the keypad for entering your passcode and you’ll see the Medical ID button on the lower left corner.

See who’s calling you even if a phone number isn’t in your contacts.

With iOS 9, Apple added a new feature that displays the possible name of an unknown caller. If you’re receiving a phone call from someone you’ve emailed, and that person’s email address is associated with his or her phone number, it’ll pop up as a suggestion when he or she calls you.