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September 22, 2020
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Stop the gossips: Anushka-Virat has not ended yet

MUMBAI- 2016 can be marked as the year of break-ups as it started with the break-ups of the rosiest romances. Recently, air is buzzed with the news of break-up between Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli. But has the break-up occurred finally?

There is another story revealed by Indian media. Many believe that it’s too early to speculate their split, since Virat is still very much in love with her. Industry insiders are skeptical about the theory that Anushka turned down his marriage proposal.

Both are at the peak of their careers and given how passionate they are about their work, it is probably a case of career priorities driving them apart for the time being. A source close to the actress says, “While their relationship has hit a rough patch, Anushka is not the one to shy away from speaking about it. The fact that neither has cleared the air suggests that it’s too early to jump to conclusions and assume they have separated.”

Sources from the cricket circles, however, have a different story to tell. A source claims, “Probably they haven’t broken up, but they are rethinking their relationship.” The final blow came when Virat bowed out of a series to finish his Mumbai commitments (including ad shoots and probably spending time with Anushka) but the actress couldn’t make time for him owing to the schedule of her next film.

When Anushka had been reached, her manager told us, “She has never spoken about Virat unless it was in the course of an interview, when she was categorically asked about the same. She doesn’t wish to comment on this yet.” Work commitments will bring Virat back to the city for the next few weeks. So let’s see if the two meet midway to sort out their differences.