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September 27, 2020
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Five interesting facts about Shruti Hassan

Shruti Hassan is the renowned Indian actress, singer and musician who has millions of fans around the world. She gave her best in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi films. Not everyone knows everything about this beautiful actress, here is a list of shocking facts about Shruti.

We bet you will be shocked to know these facts about your favorite actress. And yes, Today, January 28 is her birthday.

She always wanted to have her own identity rather being known as a star kid.  As a child she faked her name as Pooja Ramachandran because she didn’t wanted her friends to know her celebrity background.

She leads her alt-rock band called ‘The Extramentals’ and occasionally performs in local venues.

She is a trained musician who graduated from the Musicians Institute, Los Angeles as well as a Psychology graduate from Mumbai’s St. Andrew’s college.  She is very talented.

She has an obsession for shoes, you will be surprised to see her collection of over a 100 pairs of shoes and she is looking for even more.

Shruti loves to watch tele-shopping commercials on TV whenever she is bored, this sounds interesting!