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May 29, 2020
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Five signs you are going to be fired

Losing job is something which is top of the list of most people’s worries. Whether you are not meeting your daily targets, or the company you work in has been implementing cutbacks, feeling insecure in your employment can have a huge impact on your mental health.

These are the warning signs prescribed by Reddit, that indicate you may be about to be given your notice.

Receiving fewer emails from your boss.

User team-evil wrote that receiving “fewer emails about projects and corporate events is bad. More emails regarding performance issues is worse”.

Being asked too many questions

Someone writing under the name 19southmainco suggested that being asked for a comprehensive list of “everything” you’re working on was a warning sign.

He recalled that before he was laid off, he “had my editor come up to me and ask what I was working on”.

When he explained that they had some articles on the way, he was asked to provide a comprehensive list of “everything” he was working on.

User throwaway757575751 agreed with this suggestion that “the list” was a warning sign, writing: “This is exactly right. I got an email from my boss early one morning asking me what I’m currently working on, 3 hours later, I was let go.”

When there’s less to do

Another group of users argued that being given fewer work projects could indicate bad things to come.

User ‘Cowboy law’ wrote: “Your workload will get lighter and lighter. You’ll complete projects and no new projects will be given to you. He added: “Obviously, this is so that, when it comes time to drop the axe, there will be minimal transitioning needed for works in progress.

How’s your schedule looking?

Reddit user WeYoung touched upon how to tell you’re about to be fired if you do shift work. They wrote: “At an hourly job, if they stop putting you on the schedule/make you only work one or two shifts a week, you’re probably about to be fired.”

Your emails stop working

One IT worker, going under the username lucky ducker, posted an illuminating insight into what it’s like to be involved in the firing process from an IT point of view.

They explained that “when someone is being fired I am notified a few minutes before the employee is told”. He added: “We have a checklist: disable network and email credentials, then forcibly disconnect their connections / sessions. So if you suddenly are kicked out of your email and can’t connect to network resources, you are very likely being terminated. VERY shortly.”