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Rare facts about Fall of Dhaka: Bloody December

Rare facts about Fall of Dhaka: Bloody December|

Today marks the black day of Pakistani history as we lost our eastern wing on this day. No Pakistani can ever forget it when East Pakistan got removed from world map and Bangladesh emerged as a new state.

There are a lot still unknown and untold about this saddening tragedy that people should know here are few hidden facts about Fall of Dhaka, as reported by ARY news.

The first democratic election in the history of Pakistan took place in December 1970, in which Sheikh Mujib’s party Awami Leaque won majority seats of 167 and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s party, Pakistan Peoples Party won only 88 seats. Awami leaque won not a single seat from West Pakistan and PPP met the same fate in East wing.

  • On 3rd January 1971 Sheikh Mujib addressed a mammoth public meeting in Dhaka where he took oath from elected members of national and provisional assembly for their allegiance to the party’s policy of provincial autonomy.
  • General Yahiya Khan the president of Pakistan made no announcement regarding the first meeting of national assembly in that time. On 11th February after consulting with Bhutto, he announced that the assembly meeting will take place on 3rd March.
  • Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, on 21st February held his party convention after the meeting he announced that PPP will not attend the first national assembly meeting on 3rd. Yahiya Khan scared of Bhutto’s decision postponed the assembly meeting at the eleventh hour on 1st March. This decision from the presidency ignited the agitation in eastern wing.
  • On 23rd March Yahiya called all leaders meeting in Dhaka which Mujib opposed. when all Pakistan was commemorating Republic Day, Bengalis celebrated Resistance Day and hoisted new Bangladesh flag on their official buildings.
  • This serious confrontation did not go well with West Pakistan wing where President Yahiya met Bhutto for final fate of Awami League. On the midnight of 25th and 26th March a serious crackdown started against Mujib and Awami League in eastern wing on Yahiya’s order. This crackdown gave rise to the revolt that was being brewed under wraps.
  •  After this crackdown General Tikka Khan left Bangladesh and General Amir Abdullah Niazi was made the commander-in-chief and Chief              Martial administrator of East Pakistan.
  • Many refugee and rebels fled to India where Indian army prepared them as guerrilla force of Bengalis known as Mukti Bahini. Indian Army trained Mukti Bahini with best military skills in fewer six months to force insurgency in East Pakistan.
  • Before the declaration of war, Indian Army along with Mukti Bahini started invading main check posts on 30th November and till 3rd December they had encircled the eastern wing completely. Indian Air-forces stepped in their airstrike activity and bombed Dhaka airfield into wreckage. The armed forces of East Pakistan had to fight the war without Air Force with Mukti Bahini and Indian Army who knew all the places of Bangladesh better than them.
  • 10- Since the Pakistani forces were surrounded by Indian Army, they had no supply of food and ammunition which led to their demoralization.  After seeing these circumstances and no support from west wing on 16th and 17th December General Niazi ordered all his brigades to tell their Indian counterparts about their agreement of surrender.
  • The aftermath of the war is an insulting part of our history that how General Niazi surrendered to his Indian counterpart by giving his weapon in a public gathering where thousands of Bengalis were gathered to celebrate their victory. Not only this, but it was a great blow to have our one hand cut from our body.