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September 23, 2020
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Few ways to defeat the most destructive emotion you experience

Few ways to defeat the most destructive emotion you experience| TheNewsTribe.com

Difference between a content life and a life with a void is whether your fear controls you or you control your fear.  

If fear is responsible for your decisions, you’ve made your potential conditional on what fear will let you do. You’ve robbed yourself of all the possibilities that were intended for you.

Until you overcome your fear, whatever it is, you will be limited in your ability to share your gifts, to love, and to make the world a better place. So, don’t spend another day trapped in that prison, both jailer and jailed.

Commit to it

When it comes to deeply ingrained habits, saying you’ll change is exponentially easier than actually doing it. You’re busy, you’re going through a hard time, yes! but it’s never going to get easier. It’s only going to get harder. Start today, and don’t look back.

Imagine the worst-case scenario

A lot of people engage in catastrophic thinking and it paralyzes them. But that’s because they let the fear remain nebulous. If you actually complete the scenario, it stops seeming so scary.

Reframe the situation

Say your most crippling fear is failure. Associate that fear with the idea of learning. Every failure is an opportunity. It teaches you so much more than success. Whenever you imagine an outcome that you’d consider a failure, take the time to reimagine it from the perspective that to fail is to learn.

Raise the stakes

If you see your fear as something that only affects you internally, and really won’t have a lasting, detrimental impact on your contribution to the world, or on the people you love, you’re much less likely to prioritize your commitment to beating it when things get hard.