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June 7, 2020
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Four brilliant ways to catch a liar

Four brilliant ways to catch a liar| TheNewsTribe.com

Catching a liar or detecting a lie is a tactful job and here our few myths about liars are also busted. 

We have a common belief that liars fidget while telling lie, but it is not true as they freeze their upper body because they are focusing too much on their lie. We also think that a liar won’t look you in the eye, but he makes eye contact more than most people do because he’s overcompensating. However, one 
indicator isn’t proof that someone is lying, it’s important to look for 
a cluster of signals.

A liar often smiles subtly while telling a lie; it’s an unconscious expression of his delight in getting away with the lie. There’s a famous photo in which Adolf Hitler was smiling while talking to British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain at the meeting where Hitler concealed that he’d already mobilized his army to attack Poland. Other signs are when a person makes big changes in posture, like slumping in his chair or looking down.

A liar frequently cuts his ending short and doesn’t express emotion while telling his story. A person telling the truth isn’t likely to end 
his story abruptly, and he tends to express a lot of emotion at the end of it.

There are also verbal signals. Someone may repeat a question to stall for time. A liar may swear on the Bible or his mother’s grave that he didn’t do something; it’s what we can call over convincing or overpersuading. A person giving too much detail in a story is another example.