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July 3, 2020
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Nine things you should never share with anyone

Nine things you should never share with anyone| TheNewsTribe.com

It is a well heard notion, ‘sharing is caring’ but not everything is meant to be shared. Somethings are just personal. If you want to save yourself from unwanted germs, flu, acne and other horrendous things, don’t even think about sharing these items.


Contrary to popular belief that soaps are self-cleansing, they actually accumulate plenty of fungi, bacteria and yeast. It is better to use liquid soap and shower gel.

Hairbrush and comb

You can never know who has lice. Be a mean person and don’t lend you comb.

Ice creams and water bottles

Again, it is alright to be super-mean than to share saliva and germs.

Creams in Jar Packaging

Dipping our germ-infested fingers in the jar and sharing it can lead to acne and other infections.

Lip Balm and Lipstick

Your lip balm and lipstick can be home to dead cells and bacteria. So, buy your own chip stick.


Contaminated tweezers can transfer Hepatitis C and even HIV.


Don’t share your earphones with your friend because of ear wax. Enough said.


Unless you really want acne and pink eye, go buy your own towel.


Because people can’t keep it.