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July 11, 2020
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Five celebrities who have surprisingly weird hobbies

Five celebrities who have surprisingly weird hobbies| TheNewsTribe.com

From assembling dolls and going fishing to racing cars or gardening, hobbies are some of the greatest outlets for creativity and relaxation.

In today’s fast-paced and high-stress world, it’s important to find something you enjoy doing to break up the monotony of life. While there are many normal hobbies out there like knitting and reading to hunting and even sports, there are also quite a few strange hobbies that you might not know exist.

Nicolas Cage

The superman has a wild obsession with his favorite superhero, Superman. Cage not only has a ton of collectibles from the comic book and movie series, he even named his son Kal-El, which is Superman’s real name. What could be better than collecting Superman memorabilia? Cage’s dreams almost came true in the 1990s when he was cast as Superman in a film directed by Tim Burton.

Johnny Depp

Outside of looking for the rum as Captain Jack, what does the real life Depp enjoy? With an endless bank account, Depp can afford pretty much anything but, oddly enough, prefers collecting Barbie dolls.

Mila Kunis

From the Ukraine and the Soviet Union to the hills of Hollywood, Mila Kunis was discovered by an agent as a child star, earning her first big break after being cast as Jackie on the hit show, “That 70’s Show.”

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Kunis confessed that she was once an avid video gamer and spent much of her free time playing “World of Warcraft.”

Paris Hilton

Hilton’s hobby is just as surprising for a model as she loves to chase frogs in what she calls “frog hunting”. While it’s one of the weirdest hobbies on our list, Hilton promises that she doesn’t kill the frogs but, instead, runs around and catches them by hand only to put them in a bucket to watch.

Taylor Swift

Though Swift has little free time thanks to a demanding schedule and ongoing success, when she can spare a moment she loves making snow globes.