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Things to do before going to sleep

Things to do before going to sleep|

A good tight sleep ensures your efficiency in next day. Improved sleep reduces stress, boost your productivity and keeps you content.

Here are a few things you should do before going to sleep.

Do write

The major thing troubling your sleep is overthinking. Pour your stress and concerns regarding the next day on your journal. Journal keeping or writing a diary is a good and healthy habit which keeps you focused and light hearted. So, jot down what you usually think on going to bed, review your next day plans to prevent your bed becoming a place of overthinking rather than a place for sleeping.


People who floss in addition to brushing their teeth have less gum bleeding and gingivitis than people who only brush.

Wash your face

If you do not clean before going to bed, you become prone to clogged pores and oil glands. Not washing nightly can also cause inflammation that can affect collagen breakdown which can make your skin look older.


Reading book before going to bed helps invigorate creativity and passion in your life. But it should be a book or magazine, not an e-thing because blue light from your device can hamper your tendency to drop off.


Before going to sleep appreciate the good things happened to you. Just appreciate that you are alive and healthy. This is a powerful way to retain happiness. Write all these optimistic things on a paper this will cut down the visits to your physician.