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June 7, 2020
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Thief’s change of heart, gives 1 crore Dinars

Thief’s change of heart, gives 1 crore Dinars| TheNewsTribe.com

BAGHDAD- Have you ever heard of a thief who manages a successful theft of a huge amount of money but after doing that he feels bad and repents for it. Not only has this but he also returned the money in order to get rid of this feeling.

Such kind of thief has been there in Iraq. According to the details, an Iraqi thief returns money to the owner after discovering that the money belongs to orphans.

According to the sources, in the Eastern province of Iraq, Diyala, a thief managed successfully to steal 1 crore Iraqi Dinars by breaking into a house. But as the media broadcasted the news that the money belonged to orphans he started feeling ashamed.

Next morning he left the money in plastic bag in front of the door of that house. “We found the stolen money in a plastic bag left just outside the door,” says a close friend of the family.

According to that friend, the orphans’ father died in a bomb explosion four years ago.