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June 7, 2020
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Lahore: Imran Khan gives “Stay order League” name to PML-N

Lahore: Imran Khan gives "Stay order League" name to PML-N | Thenewstribe.com

LAHORE – Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) slammed Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and gave new name to N-league.

Imran Khan started his speech with Ibn e Khaldun quotation. PTI chief said that Pakistan is the only country for the name of Islam. He said that Pakistan to provide justice to citizens.

Chairman PTI revealed that Chaudhry Sarwar trained PTI workers to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz from rigging.

“Imran Khan took almost three years to reveal the rigging of PML-N in NA 122,” he claimed. Khan said that members of Election Commission of Pakistan was involved in rigging in general election of 2013 and they are organizing the elections again.

“PTI full the ground of Minar e Pakistan thrice in three year”, Khan claimed. Imran Khan said that new members of PTI those came from PML-N, revealed the tactics of rigging.

He also gave the plan of PTI for October 11.

Abdul Aleem Khan burst on Pakistan Muslim League -Nawaz and revealed that government spent more than 250 millions but people are wondering for pure water.

While addressing political gathering,  Jahangir Tareen said that youth of Pakistan will get jobs easily in Pakistan. He also burst on PML-N for taking stay in NA 154.

Jahangir Tareen said that in Naya Pakistan, PTI will sweep corruption from country. Politician will not allow to do corruption in Pakistan.