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June 4, 2020
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Middle East

Two Iranian women fined over wearing hijab improperly

TEHRAN: A local court in Tehran, Capital of Iran, on Wednesday has fined two women $260 for not wearing the Hijab properly in the street.

According to details, Iranian court had received several cases regarding the wearing of Hijab by women and now it has sentenced two accuse women to pay 9 million Rials ($260/232 euros) in cash.

All the women in Iran are required to wear proper Hijab in the public which covers their neck and hear but these women violated this and got fined by the court.

No details were given on what the women had done wrong to warrant the fine, which is equivalent to the monthly minimum wage.

It is pertinent to mention here that despite the socio-political reforms made by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani after 2013 but most of the Iranian political establishment remained deeply conservative.