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August 4, 2020
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NSA-level Meeting: Ajit Doval Agarwal vs Digital Media of Pakistan

Tiranga, all over the subcontinent… the concept of Greater India… has always been a source of inspiration for me… it kept me submersed for many days in the ocean of passionate devotees in Golden Temple during the operation Blue Star… it kept alive in rat holes near the installations of Pakistani strategic assets… it made me amply in control of the psyche and behaviors of Kashmiris that I launched the Kuka Parray Group and seeded a rift among the parties working against the designs of my motherland. I am Ajit Doval Agarwal, the National Security Advisor of India.

Today, I am in thick soup. The social media of Pakistan is not letting me fry my game the way I want to. I want to welcome Mr Sartaj Aziz, the Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Foreign Affairs and sit with him in privacy, miles away from the shadows of the genuine Kashmiri leadership to discuss what is dear to us.

We had always been able to manage to divert the public discourse here in India and in Pakistan towards the talks on terrorism, and terrorism only. My only problem is the inclusion of Kashmir as an issue between India and Pakistan on the agenda of the talks between the two countries. We want to keep the focus on terrorism and for this purpose we have brought a very notorious terrorist flag to Kashmir in some picture, and the world community was going to accept it as reality, but the youth of Pakistan…

Whatever be the case, we won’t let the Kashmiri leaders meet the Pakistani delegates even though it has been an accepted norm for both the countries officially so far. Hamari marzi…

Well, now I am going to get out of the shoes of Mr Ajit Doval Agarwal, and get into my own shoes… the shoes of the Social Media of Pakistan… and I would put my first step on his face and tell him that the youth of Pakistan has its own brain, and it won’t let the issue of Kashmir be hijacked by the Endians or their puppies here in Pakistan… Kashmir is part of Pakistan, and it will remain so till the last drop of my blood… I’m a Pakistani, and I love my motherland more than anything… Pakistan Zindabad!

The author, RASHED FAROOQ can be accessed on [email protected]