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Actress Noor marries Wali Khan.

LAHORE – A Pakistan’s famous actress, Noor, got her fourth marriage after tying knot with Wali Khan.

According to sources, the actress had sought divorced from her earlier husband Awn Chaudhry and married with Wali Khan which was her fourth attempt of tying legal knot with a men.

Sources also revealed that Noor and Wali khan had married each other five months ago and they had been living in defense phase five, adding that they started loving each other during the shooting of a movie named “Eshq Positive”.

The two had secretly got married some five months ago. However the news surfaced recently in the media when she sought divorce from her earlier husband.

Sources said that when the Actress Noor was contacted for the confirmation of the news she did not made any comment over the question whether she got married fourth times or not.