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July 6, 2020
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The ‘Dark’ of the Digital

Down in the digital space where no ‘dark’ decision maker goes, there lives a creature that we call youth. It ages between 13 to 45 with a very resilient skin cover. It rubs shoulders with fellows from political and social setups virtually. Generally it is categorized as a hologram image but becomes very lethal when it appears on the screens of tabs, smartphones and laptops. It connects to only those who have passwords of the pages being run in their names. Those who do not know how to log in to ‘their own’ account are totally safe from this creature.

More safe they will be when they successfully tax this creature. Rule is, remove the long board before it makes its way to the energetic.

So, down in the digital jungle where no ‘dark’ decision maker goes, are the needs of the young creature that now believes in the internet, lives with the social media, and sleeps with the digital. It consumes less water and more the digital pulse.

Therefore, it is the most lucrative ‘market’ to tax for the ‘dark’.

In short, a monthly bill that exceeds PKR 1500 with a speed of 2Mbps or more, shall pay 19.5% tax. So every tablet, smartphone or a laptop that consumes internet on the above pattern is supposed to pay for it soon.

Deep down the jungle, lives another creature that we call the ‘dark’. It swallows every potential. It turns the digital spaces into dark…

Rashed Farooq is the CCO of Wishtehar, a well reputed and innovative digital agency working in Pakistan. He can be reached at [email protected]