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Israel Bans Azan At Ibrahimi Mosque

HEBRON – The Israeli Occupation Authorities (IOA) had banned the Azaan on loudspeakers at the Ibrahimi Mosque in Israel’s Hebron city for a definite period of time, claiming that it bothered Jewish settlers.

Eye witnesses confirmed that Israeli occupation prohibited the calling of the Azaan at the Ibrahimi Mosque from Saturday afternoon until Sunday evening, citing the advent of Jewish holidays as the reason behind the ban.

Human rights activists said the ban was as an assault on the Islam and on freedom of worship. They further added that Israeli occupation had crossed all red lines in its infringement of international decrees and human rights.

The Ibrahimi Mosque, believed to be the burial place of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), is located in central Hebron, is a frequent site of tensions due to the presence of 500 Israeli settlers in the Old City.