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June 3, 2020
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Genes Affected By Change In Season

The seasons play an important role in introducing changes in the genes present inside human body.

A research conducted by scientists found that the genes of immune system were more active in cold season.

The genes on one side provides immunity against viruses such as flu, on the other side it aggravates the conditions created as a result of arthritis- a body attacks itself, research say.

The international team took samples of blood and tissues of round about 16,000 people throughout the world.

They team scrutinized 22,000 genes which is almost equal the number of all body genes. Which clearly indicated that genes functions are being changed with the seasonal changes.

The scientists found that these genes were more active in people living north of equator during December-January and in the southern hemisphere during the months of June-August.

The scientists on the other side when studied the people living near equator showed a different pattern of genes due to high temperature.

In Iceland, location the scientists observed minor changes due to consistent cold weather conditions.

Prof John Todd, the study author based at Cambridge University said that the research would help to know that why certain people were vulnerable to particular diseases.

The study was sponsored by Wellcome Trust and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation