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Religious Leaders In Protest Against Pervaiz Rasheed

ISLAMABAD – Religious groups belonging to the Deobandi school of thought on Saturday protested against Information Minister Pervaiz Rasheed’s remarks about seminaries.

Addressing a national conference organized by the Pakistan Academy of Letters in Karachi on May 3, the minister had described the seminaries as ‘centers of ignorance and illiteracy.’

Wafaq-ul-Madaris Al Arabia, the board representing the seminaries belonging to the Deobandi school of thought, on Saturday held a protest outside the National Press Club here.

The protesters demanded the removal of the information minister besides the registration of cases against him.

The minister at the conference had asked academicians as well literary figures to play their role in promoting the culture of tolerance in the country. But at the same time, he described the seminaries as the ‘universities of illiteracy’.

The minister had said, “These universities of ignorance, to whom we give donations, are giving an ideology of hatred and conservativeness to the society.”

Addressing the protest rally, Deputy General Secretary Wafaq-ul-Madaris Maulana Qazi Abdul Rasheed said that the remarks by the federal minister had upset the whole nation.