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Fruits and vegetables are best to sharpen brain

MONTREAL- A new medical research in Canada revealed that the usage of fresh fruits and vegetables sharpens our memory and brain.

According to the research of McMaster University, consumption of food consists on fresh fruits, vegetables and fish, is not only beneficial for the body but also sharpens the mind.

Research reveals that more consumption of green vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, and olive oil and moderate of red meat, rescues the brain from decay and decreases the chances of memory loss.

In this research, researchers analyzed twenty seven thousand individuals people for five years from forty countries with age of fifty years and plus.

Studies showed that food we take in middle age effects the working of brain. Study told that there is a link between diet and brain processing in middle age.

Scientists revealed that healthy diet reduces the risk of falling sick up to 24 percent.

Professor Dr. Andrew Smith suggested that healthy diet should put among priorities from early ages.

Moreover, healthy behavior also reduces the risk of decay of the memory in old age.