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August 5, 2020
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Government And Traders Reache An Agreement

ISLAMABAD – Government and traders of Islamabad have reached to the result oriented negotiation, and there dialogue regarding the closure of markets have been successfully resolved on Saturday.

Traders of Islamabad warned the government to fulfill their demands, otherwise they would seal the whole Islamabad and observe the strikes in federal Capital Islamabad.

Both government and Traders have, now, reached to the common point to close the shops and markets at 9 pm.

Government ordered the traders to close their shops by 8 pm in order to save electricity and to utilize the day light for more duration of time.

In the wake of government’s order traders of Islamabad observed the strike and protested against the decision on April 28.

The protesting traders have said that most citizens visit shops in the evening and closure of markets by 8:00pm would badly affect their business.

They have threatened to observe wheel-jam strike if the government did not withdraw the decision.

But, now, both agreed to extend the closure time by one hour and reach at the conclusion to close the shops at 9 pm.