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The Ongoing Change in Housing Trends Across Pakistan

The real estate and construction industry has always been one of the most lucrative industries across Pakistan with new designs and housing trends being introduced every year.

The way internet has taken the world with a boom and has truly transformed it into a global village, people all over the world can share home design trends and ideas. This has enabled the local construction firms as well as interior designers to adopt new and innovative home construction and design ideas from all over the world. If we have a look at the modern housing trends in Pakistan, they are heading towards eco-friendly, deluxe and lavish designs. These modern housing trends have brought about remarkable innovations to the local construction industry and will continue to grow and evolve in the future as well. The latest innovations in housing trends across Pakistan include:

People are moving to smaller homes

The trend of moving to smaller homes instead of building huge bungalows with grand balconies and lawns can be witnessed in the modern day. The scaling down of bungalows into smaller and compact homes is in fact the ongoing trend across Pakistan. Nowadays, the new home designs are a lot more streamlined than traditional. Besides, the furniture industry in Pakistan has also complied with the contemporary trends in the country as the large opulent furniture has been completely replaced with minimal furniture that makes use of clean lines and takes up minimum space. The highly efficient use of land and space are the key essentials of modern housing in the country.

Online portals are playing the Key Role

As mentioned earlier, the cyber domain is at the forefront of technological revolution in Pakistan real estate and construction industry, the online home design, real estate and home and building construction portals are playing a key role in this regard. The real estate portals like homespakistan are doing their role in educating common people regarding the property prices, leading home construction firms, interior designers and even the properties available for sale or rent in various cities of Pakistan. This has made the people of Pakistan aware with global housing trends and how they can make best use of their land and property.

Compact homes are more lavish than bungalows

With people moving from bungalows and villas to small and compact homes, the luxury hasn’t gone but has enhanced further. The compact homes in the modern day are far more lavish and extravagant than the villas. People are considering adding saunas to master bedrooms. They are installing home theatres and are hiring the services of specialist interior designers for unparalleled home designing. The basements are no longer in trend however for big families planning to move to compact homes, there are double or even tripled story homes build on smaller lands.

Eco Friendly Living is highly appreciated

It’s not just the nature loving people who are adapting eco-friendly living style but fortunately majority of the people have realized the importance of preserving nature and living in compliance with the eco-friendly rules. The fad is likely to stay and is expected to rise further in future. Hence one of the latest trends is the accessorizing of homes with eco-friendly building materials, paints, electrical fittings, fixtures and all other accessories. The plantation of flowering as well as non-flowering plants at homes is also on the rise.