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Eating Out May Cause Hypertension !!

A recent study published in the American Journal of Hypertension has found that eating out too often may be associated with high blood pressure or hypertension.

Researchers observed a connection between meals away from home and a higher intake of salt, a higher intake of calories and a higher intake of saturated fat, all of which are linked with hypertension.

In the study, the researchers from the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore looked at eating behaviors that raised the risk of high blood pressure in 500 subjects aged between 18 and 40 years. Lifestyle factors and the body mass index levels of the participants were taken into consideration. The researchers calculated the total number of meals participants had taken at home and outside and their physical activity levels.

After a detailed analysis, scientists concluded that 27.4 percent of the subjects experienced pre-hypertension. It was also found that 38 percent of the participants had dined out more than 12 times every week.

The researchers found that men are more likely to dine out than women. About 49 percent of men opted eating out compared to 9 percent of women.

Scientists also observed that pre-hypertensive participants ate out more often, had low physical activity levels and a higher body mass index as compared to their counterparts who had normal blood pressure levels. The study found that a single additional meal out each week increased the risk of high blood pressure by 6 percent.

The researchers recommended spreading awareness about the disadvantages of eating out often and eating high sodium and high fat foods to bring down blood pressure levels to normal ranges. They also suggested that people should exercise regularly to stay healthy.

over-the-counter drugs and birth control, alcohol abuse and sleep apnea also cause high blood pressure. Sleep apnea is a disorder that takes place when an individual’s breathing is interrupted during sleep.