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September 25, 2020
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PML-N emerges single largest party in Senate polls while winning 16 seats from Punjab, Islamabad and Balochistan

ISLAMABAD: Ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) emerged as single largest party in Senate polls of Thursday while winning 16 seats of Senate from Punjab, Islamabad and Balochistan.

PPP secured seven seats from Sindh. MQM secured four Senate seats from Sindh. National Party secured three seats from Balochistan, PKMAP secured three seats from Balochistan. BNP-M secured one seat from Balochistan. JUI-F secured one seat from Balochistan. Senate election on FATA seats has been postponed for indefinite period.

Meanwhile Prime Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has congratulated the successful Senators. Prime minister has hoped that the newly elected senators would play their role in the progress of the country. Prime minister said the every successful electoral process further strengthens democracy in country.


PML-N candidate from Islamabad on general seat Engineer Iqbal Zaffar Jhagra secured 211 votes and PML-N candidate on women seats Dr Rahila Magsi secured 205 votes. 
In the polling held at the National Assembly hall the party’s candidate against general seat Iqbal Zafar Jhagra secured 211 votes.
Raheela Magsi, also PML-N, bagged 205 votes to win the seat reserved for women from Islamabad.
Runner up candidate Raja Imran of PPP got 68 votes for general seat and Nargis Faiz Malik of the same party received 71 votes for the seat reserved for women. Eleven votes were rejected.
Later, talking to newsmen, Iqbal Zafar Jhagra said the overwhelming majority with which the PM-N candidates won the seats from Islamabad reflected political stability and continuity of democratic process in the country.
He said Senate elections in Islamabad were held in a transparent manner.
Raheela Magsi declared her victory as reflection of members’ confidence in the ruling party.

Meanwhile Raja Muhammad Zafarul Haq, Parvez Rashid, Professor Sajid Mir, Lt. Gen. (retd) Abdul Qayyum,  Mushahidullah Khan, Syed Nihal Hashmi, Salim Zia, Begum Najma Hameed, Dr Aysha Raza Farooq, Chaudhry Tanveer Khan, Dr Ghaus Khan Niazi won Senate seats from Punjab. PML-N won all 11seats of Senate from Punjab.

PPP candidates Islamuddin Sheikh, Salim Mandviwala, Abdul Latif Ansari, Rehman Malik, Farooq H Naek, Engineer Gayan Chand and Sassi Pajego won Senate seats from Sindh . PPP won seven Senate seats from Sindh.

Meanwhile MQM candidates Khushbakhat Shujaat, Mian Muhammad Atiqu Sheikh, Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif, Nighat Mirza won Senate seats from Sindh. MQM secured four Seats from Sindh.
PML-F candidate Imamuddin Shaukin failed to win the Senate seat from Sindh assembly. He secured only 13 votes.
Meanwhile National Party President Mir Hasil Khan Bizinjo, Mir Kabbir and Dr Ashoke Kumar win Senate seats from Balochistan. National party won three seats from Balochistan assembly. 
Meanwhile Pakhtoonkhawa Milli Awami Party candidates Muhammad Usman Kakar, Gul Bushra and Sardar Azam Khan won Senate seats from Balochistan.  Pakhtoonkhawa Milli Awami Party secured three Senate seats from Balochistan.
JUI-F candidates Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri won the general seat from Balochistan.
Meanwhile PML-N candidates Mir Naimatullah Zehri, Agha Shahbaz Durrani and Begum Kulsoom Parveen won Senate seats from balochistaN. PML-N secured three seats from Balochistan.
BNP-Menal candidate Dr Jehanzeb Jamaldini won the seat from Balochistan.
Independent candidate Muhammad Yousuf Badini won general seat from Balochistan. Election Commissioner Balochistan Sultan Bayazid announced the results of Senate from Balochistan.