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PCB chairman declares team defeat in first two matches as accident

LAHORE:The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Shahryar Khan on Monday declared team’s back to back defeat in the World Cup as an accident adding that whole team and management have expressed their shame over the defeat in last two matches.

The PCB chairman was talking to media in Lahore and he informed the media that the board  has sought clarification from chief selector Moin Khan  over his visit to a casino before the crucial match against the West Indies.

Khan said the PCB would not jump to a conclusion on the issue before investigating all the facts.

He said that they were looking at the facts and would take decision after investigation.

The PCB chairman said the Board was fully behind the team.

 According to the PCB chairman people were disappointed that the team did not fight while a psychological expert had informed him that the team was playing in fear.

“We are aware of all the criticism the team has been subjected to after their  loses. But we just want the team to shake off negativity and perform without any pressure whatsoever. We fully support then.”

Khan also dismissed speculation that the team was divided into groups.

“I’ve spoken to Waqar Younis, Misbah-ul-Haq, Moin Khan and even the team manager. Reports stating that there are rifts within the team are completely baseless. The team held a meeting today and everyone is rejuvenated after that session and completely united.”