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Student pilot safely lands F-16 jet – despite losing half a wing in mid-air

OKLAHOMA: A student pilot who had lost half of F-16’s wing after collision with another  F-16 landed the jet safely to the base.

The incident happened last year, when the F-16Cs assigned to the Tulsa Air National Guard collided during a training mission near Moline on October 20, 2014, during an air combat maneuver training mission. The U.S. Air Force released a report on the crash on Friday.

One of the pilots “was an instructor with approximately 2,400 hours of flight time in the F-16,” while the other was “a relatively inexperienced student pilot with 106 flying hours in the F-16.”

Following the collision plane of his instructor was obliterated when it hit the ground, its pilot managed to eject in time and experienced some injuries.

Meanwhile the student managed to bring his damaged jet 100 miles south to an air base in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and made a safe landing.

As Washington Post suggested, investigators determined that a missile on the right wing tip of the student’s plane tore through the right wing of his instructor’s plane, close to the fuselage.