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A woman, after murdering her whole family, committed suicide

ISLAMABAD: As many as five people were found dead in home in Federal Capital, Islamabad, sector G/6-3, earlier on Saturday, local media reported.

According to details, a woman committed suicide after murdering her three daughters and her husband, while his son received sustained injuries who was rescued and shifted to hospital.

The survivor boy told that he observed a serious clash between his parents on break fast, following the clash her mother killed her all other family members. He was the only one who survived.

The boy is 10 year only whose condition is not good as he received a serious mental shock. He is under treatment in Poly clinic hospital Islamabad.

He further said that this was not the first clash between his parents but also he is observing such clashes before he could properly walk but this time, was much horrible.

Police told media that the man opened fire on his family, only Muhammad Rafi, his ten years old son, survived. The man was identified as Farooq Khattak while his daughters name are Raheela, Rani and Ayeza. Women who committed suicide was not identified yet.