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World Cup Cricket 2015: Four matches four centuries up till now

SYDNEY/AUCKLAND: Four matches of World Cup cricket 2015 have been played so far two matches each in Pool A  and Pool B, but it is interesting to note that four centuries have also been made by four players of three different teams.

The World Cup 2o15 first century scored by Australian player AJ Finch against England on Saturday in second match of Pool A. He scored 135 runs playing 128 balls.

While second, third and fourth centuries were made on Sunday in Pool B matches. Two South African players have made centuries on  as DA Miller scored 138 runs on just playing 92 balls against Zimbabwe and his team mate JP Duminy scored 115 runs on playing 100 balls. Miller and Duminy made devastated partner ship of more than 250 runs which also set South Africa victory over the Zimbabwe.


The fourth century was scored by Virat Kohli of India against its arch rival Pakistan as he scored 107 runs on playing 126 balls.

In this World Cup number of centuries are going together with number of matches.

Let see what happens next in other matches.