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Govt announces no load shedding for Pak-India cricket match on Feb 15  

The government on Saturday announced that there will be no load shedding during the Pak vs India cricket match. Cricket devotees are beyond themselves with happiness upon hearing this.

Numerous plans of watching the match were made by cricket fans with a great zeal. The match between the two rivals is the biggest event in this Cricket World Cup. Nerves are being tested of both the players and their fans as the countdown begins. But every admirer of cricket is waiting anxiously for the colossal match to begin.
According to the details, load shedding was the only thing that was disturbing the fans mad about cricket. Nobody wanted the most eagerly event to be ruined like that. The government’s announcement alleviated this fear of cricket aficionados as their fervor reached new peaks. Pakistani devotees of cricket want to watch every ball with complete satisfaction.