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Imamia Mosque blasts: Has RAW succeeded in its plan?

ISLAMABAD: Indian spy agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), might be involved in the three back-to-back suicide attacks on Imamia Mosque which claimed 19 lives .

According to details, Interior Ministry on Thursday issued an alert to provincial authorities  that Indian spy agency was planning to launch an attack in Peshawar.

In that warning,  the ministry pointed out that a few building including a hotel might be target of the attack.

The very next day after the alert was issued by the ministry, the back to back suicide attacks was carried out on an Imambargah of the Hayatabad neighborhood of the city.

According to eye witnesses, five militants entered the mosque after lobbing hand grenades at the mosque. When people tried to snatch weapons from the attackers, a suicide bomber entered the mosque and explodes himself.