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World Cup 1992 robbed from England: Derek Pringle

LONDON: England’s runners up squad member Derek Pringle said the one decision of Umpire Steve Bucknor cost them World Cup 1992.

Derek Pringle in an interview blamed the umpire for losing the World Cup 1992.

He said that former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad, reckoned he was out leg before wicket (LBW). Derek said “I know because I was the bowler and, as he later admitted, ‘Allah smiled on me’ that March day in Melbourne 23 years ago.”

Derek said that the umpire had raised his finger, if the Decision Review System had been invented at the time and England would not still be searching for their first World Cup title at the 11th attempt.

Quite why Bucknor did not send Javed on his way has never been explained. As they say in the business, the only thing wrong with that lbw, and another a few balls later, is that the ball was missing leg and off stump, which meant it was hitting middle.

Perhaps Bucknor, who had already given me one lbw, felt the final was in danger of becoming a non-event after Pakistan’s shaky start in front of a 90,000-strong crowd, comprised mostly of Aussies who wanted to see England lose.