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No organisation to be banned on US or India wishes: Nisar

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan has said that twenty two terrorists have been executed since the lifting of moratorium on death sentence and cases of another 17 death row prisoners are under process.

Delivering a speech in the National Assembly in Islamabad on Wednesday about development made so far on anti-terrorism National Action Plan (NAP).

The Minister clarified that only those who took up arms against the state are being hanged.

Around 500 operations have been carried out with the help of intelligence agencies since the initial peace talks with terrorists ended, the Minister said.

Nisar said the cases have been sent to the special courts after complete scrutiny of the apex committees and the Ministry of Interior.

He clarified that the cases of those, who took up arms against the country or committed genocide of innocent people including women and children, are being transferred to the military courts.

Nisar went on to say that many nefarious plans have been foiled and in case the terrorists were able to succeed, the consequences for the country would have been disastrous.

The Minister  went on to say that the country was confronting the challenge of terrorism since 13 years and all the mess cannot clean in few days adding that it will take time

He determined that until the terrorist’s leadership was not eliminated completely, there would be no rest adding that there has been a significant decrease in terrorist attacks and that most of the terrorist’s leadership has now fled Pakistan across the borders

Talking about the government measures against illegal SIMS, the Minister said that terrorists were using illegal SIMs for mobile communication and now after extensive verification of SIMs, the terrorists will no longer have that advantage.

Expressing spirit of national sovereignty, Nisar clearly stated that no organisation will be included in the banned outlawed list on the wishes  of the US or India.

He said that for the first time, all suspicious activities of organisations are being closely monitored following which decisions would be made and that currently 60 outfits are included in the banned list.