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Man 30st on the scale, reduces 10st in 12 months just with Juice diet

LONDON: A father who used to eat two McDonald’s breakfasts in the morning and Kebabs at bed time, causing him balloon of 30st has lost an astonishing 10st in just 12 months.  

The 48-year-old Adam Harding-Jones, who suffered a kidney failure, diabetes and on the verge of a heart attack when he has a 30st on the scale.

The strain saw him eat two McDonald’s sandwiches for breakfast, a kebab before bed and snacking on crisps and chocolate all day.

Adam worried his poor health meant he wouldn’t see daughter grow up, he decided to loss his weight, inspired by documentary to totally transformed his diet and ditched fatty foods and made the switch to life-saving juices, vegetables and fruits.

The inspiration came from his teenage daughter and she has joined him on his quest to keep fit.

He has already signed up for a 100-mile race in Wales and a series of half marathons to keep himself in shape.