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May 26, 2020
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Iran takes major step to end dating, divorces

TEHRAN: Iran has launched an official site for young people seeking marriage in order to end increasing trend of ‘immoral’ online dating websites, foreign news agency reported on Thursday.

The official marriage website would be launched in the next few days to promote long-term marriages of the under-30s, the 55 per cent of total 77 million population in Iran, AFP quoted local media reports.

Iran imposed strict prohibitions on sexual contact before marriage in the conservative country except ‘Sigheh’ also called Nikah mut’ah under Shitte form of Islam which allowed couple for temporary marriage for as little as an hour.

The new website will be opened for youths willing to sign up and introduce themselves, however, it is still undisclosed whether the members could post their photos on profile or not.


Deputy Minister for Youth and Sport, Mahmoud Gholrazi, said as many as 300 website viewed as ‘illegal and immoral’ in the country that often encourgae ‘Sigheh’. He said that the government was envisaging prominent routes to discourage such practices.

He claimed that the marriage portal would resolve problem of marriage for young people while at least 100,000 marriage ‘with a correct method’ could be made via modern medium.

Iran government is also seeking reduction in divorce rate which has reached 22 percent as one in three couple are divorced in big cities such as Tehran.