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Pakistan PM addresses nation, announces 20 points of anti-terrorism plan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday addressed the nation across the country to make formal announcement of 20 major points of national anti-terrorism plan which was finalised with complete consensus of political and military leadership.

PM Nawaz Sharif started his address by condemned extremely violent attack on innocent school children at Peshawar’s Army Public School that was carried out by Taliban insurgents.

He said that Pakistani nation, as well as political and military leadership now united against terrorism. He added that Pakistanis will see major developments in the country.

  1. Pakistan government ends moratorium on death penalties just after Peshawar school carnage to execute all convicted in terror related cases.
  2. Formation of ‘special trial courts’ led by military officers has been decided which would be formed for specific duration up to next two years. Special amendments will be made in the Constitution to create paths to try terrorists in special courts in the country.
  3. No place or permission to form an armed or militant group in the country.
  4. Pakistan will activate anti-terrorism institution, National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) to end terrorism.
  5. Strict actions against culprits involved in spreading extremism, sectarian and terrorism violence.
  6. Blocking all financial and media routes that are supporting terrorism.
  7. Outlawed organizations would not be allowed to continue working with new names
  8. Formation of special anti-terrorism force in Pakistan.
  9. Ensuring security of minorities in the country via uprooting extremism and terrorism.
  10. Registration of Masdarahs in Pakistan including review of laws and regulations.
  11. Ban on print and electronic media sources advertising terrorism.
  12. Special arrangements and decision to be finalised to send Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) to their homes.
  13. Communication system of banned terrorist outfits will be destroyed completely.
  14. Special security measures will be taken to seal internet and social media sources that are empower terrorism.
  15. Terrorism will not be tolerated in Punjab province (Note: Federal capital is also situated in Punjab province of Pakistan.)
  16. Karachi operation will be continued till a logical result. Anti-terrorism solutions will be finalised to counter terrorism in any part of Pakistan especially in Punjab province.
  17. Special authorities were given to Balochistan government to endow political understandings in the province. Fast-track reformations in administration and development sectors in Federally Administered Tribal Aread (FATA)
  18. Decisive action being taken against terrorism.
  19. Policies to send back Afghanistan refugees currently present in Pakistan. Special arrangements to send back Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of Pakistani tribal part.
  20. Provinces will be given special intelligence access to stop terrorism while special reformations in criminal justice system.