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Minar-e-Pakistan to host JUD Ijtema next month

LAHORE: Jamatud Dawa Pakistan on Monday announced to hold central annual Ijtema at Minar-e-Pakistan ground on December 4-5, 2014.

All political and religious parties including PML-N, PPP and PTI have been invited in the ijtema. Ijtema will start after Fajar prayer on Thursday and will conclude after Friday prayer.

The purpose of the ijtema is protection of Pakistan ideology and to make efforts for the unity of the Muslim Ummah. The minorities have also been invited in the ijtema and a large number of Hindus from Tharparkar will attend the Ijtema.

This Amir JuD Pakistan Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed announced while addressing an important press conference at Markaz Al-Qadsia Chauburgi. Central leader JuD Maulana Amir Hamza, Spokesman JuD Muhammad Yahya Mujahid and Amir JuD Lahore Maulana Abu Al-Haham were also present on the occasion.


Professor Hafiz Saeed said that the permission from Punjab government for the Ijtema, being organized for the protection of Pakistan ideology and for highlighting the threats being faced by Pakistan, has been secured. He said the nation conference would be held at 3:00 pm on the first day of ijtema and leaders of political and religious organizations would address the conference. He said different committees have been formed, which would extend invitations to religious and political leadership, students, lawyers, traders and other walks of life.

He said hundreds and thousands of people from all walks of life from whole country would attend the ijtema.  He said Pakistan ideology is the basis of protection of country.

He said Muslim Ummah should have to become on nation, adding that the protection of Pakistan ideology and unity of Muslim Ummah is necessary, adding that the JuD is making practical efforts for this purpose.

Hafiz Saeed said JuD is not opponent of dialogues with India but it should be clear on which basis dialogues would be held with India. Hafiz Saeed hailed the stance of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif regarding Kashmir dispute in Muzzaffarabad speech.

He said the whole world recognize that Narendar Modi is an extremist person. He said Nawaz Sharif should hold dialogues with terrorist Modi but these should be held on some principled stance. He said the Kashmir dispute should have to be resolved. He said US and India are spreading propaganda against Jehad.