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Israeli cultural, customs event arranged in Islamic University Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: A stall showing Israeli culture was arranged at International Islamic University Islamabad; the university administration confirmed that the stall was set up and it has formed a three-member committee to probe into the matter.

The stall for promotion of Israeli culture was arranged in a hall situated in the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, the capital of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. A ceremony “UN Debate Contest” was also arranged by the Faculty of “Management Sciences Women Department”.


Some students, a few of those from other countries, set up the stall where items showing Israel’s culture were displayed. Banners in the background also showed the Israeli flag as well as pictures of the Israeli premier.


As the news about this stall came to fore, religious bodies, students and political organisations expressed their anger and threatened protest on Sunday (today).

The legal adviser of the University confirmed the presence of stall. The “UN Debate Contest” was also arranged by the Faculty of Management Sciences Women Department where the students set up their stalls of UN member states but the stall of Israel was arranged without permission of university administration, the adviser said.


The stall was closed immediately as it came into the notice of administration.

The local people said that without university administration’s permission it was impossible to set up such stall.

Various student organisations and religious parties said the act was tantamount to adding salt to the wounds of Palestinians.