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“Go Bilawal Go” slogans in London

 LONDON: Bilawal Bhutto has faced with interesting situation in London where he reached to attend Million March for Kashmir’s right of self determination, as people threw tomatoes, eggs, and empty water bottles at stage demanding him to leave.

The participants of the march also chanted “Go Nawaz GO” and “Go Bilwal Go” , rumpus was so much intense that London police intervened and Bilawal has to leave with police.

Earlier, The PPP chairperson accompanied with his sister Asifa Zardari reached to Trafalgar Square.

The PPP Azad Jammu Kashmir leader Barrister Sultan Mahmood has been leading the march.

Pakistan’s religious, social as well as political parties including MQM were participating in the march.

There were conflicting reports regarding protesters against Bilawal some said they were participants and some said they were Indians who tried to sabotage the Bilawal speech.