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May 26, 2020
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Everything you want to know about Apple iPad event Oct 16

Apple iPad event one of the biggest event in the technological market, as Apple roll out famous iPad and others in this event. Apple have the great success with iPads in past few years and haven’t back off yet since the launch of iPad.

Company last year got the expected result with iPad Air now aiming mor expectation from iPad Air 2 which is schedule to launch at the end of this year.

According to ETNews, the iPad Air 2 will pack an A8 chi which enhance the battery life of the device while devices main camera sensor will increase 5MP to 8MP and front will be 1.5MP. The device is also expected to feature 2 GB RAM.

Famous finger print scanner which was first debut in iPhone 5S and now become the trend to new smartphones while Samsung launch the finger scanner in Galaxy S5 and in Galaxy Tab S series.

So we can expect that Apple may launch the finger scanner in iPad Air 2, or set a new trend with eye ball scanner.

As far as screen is concerned the reports suggest that the iPad Air 2 will have a bigger screen as compared to iPad Air.

The recent rumor suggest 12.9 inch display panel for iPad Air which is quite large as compared to 9.7 inch model.

The rumors also suggest that the iPad Air 2 will have a 2K resolution while another report recons that the device will feature 4K display.

Adding support for mice or graphics pen-style devices over Bluetooth could make the iPad a more usable device for more complex tasks, especially when it comes to graphics apps.

As Apple introduce iOS 8 operating system for idevices, so Apple iPad Air 2 will run the latest versions of the operating system at the time of launch.

Apple iPad Mini 3:

Apple shock the world by introducing high end mini tablet with Retina display, namely iPad Mini with Retina display. Now company is eyeing aiming to launch iPad Mini with Retina display’s successor iPad Mini 3.

More positively he predicts that the iPad mini 3 will get upgraded to an A8 chip and come with Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

You end up entering passwords just as much on an iPad as you do on an iPhone, so it’s surprising that the newest iPads didn’t get the same Touch ID fingerprint sensor as the iPhone 5S got.

16GB of storage in the cheapest iPad used to sound like a lot but now it’s really starting to look a bit stingy, with apps like GarageBand and iMovie going free, some iOS games starting to take up over a gigabyte of space and Retina screens making high resolution movies worth loading onto your iPad.

The steep price jumps for the higher capacity models look cynical, especially when flash memory itself is not expensive and Apple offers no way to add storage via card slots. Starting the new models at 32GB would be more reasonable.

Adding a cellular option to an iPad mini currently adds £100/$130/AU$150 to the price, and of course you have to pay for data on top of that.

The iPad-specific but it’s becoming a real issue. Apple gives every Apple ID a free 5GB of iCloud storage which is great, but it’s no longer enough.

The battery life of the iPad mini 2 is actually very good, but with portable devices like these there’s no real upper limit on how good people would ideally like it to be.

The iPad mini 2 has a 5MP camera with 1080p HD video support and that’s good, but it lacks the slo-mo support of the iPhone 5S and also the filters for image editing although you can obviously perform some edits and use HDR mode, and use third-party photo or camera apps.

We’d be happier if it had NO camera and was a little bit thinner and less expensive – plus it would stop people using their iPad as a device to take pictures in lieu of an actual camera. If this is you, please stop. Stop now.

Other device which are expected to debut at Oct 16 event.

iMac with Retina display

The reports earlier his year suggest that company is looking beyond 4K display for iMacs.

Apple’s October 14 event may finally be the time and the place. Leaks have suggested it’ll be a 27-inch display that’s boasts a 5K resolution.

The Yosemite beta even includes references to 6400 x 3600, 5760 x 3240 and 4096 x 2304 resolutions. Not found in the code? The cost. You can, however, expect a Retina iMac price hike to be in the cards.

Mac Mini and MacBooks:

The company was rumoured to launch 12-inch MacBook even slimmer than the current range available in the market.

Apple iPod Touch 6G:

The iPod Touch 5th generation is now two years old and features dated specs, with a 4-inch Retina screen and 5-megapixel camera. Without solid iPod Touch 6G leaks leading up to the October 16 event, the chances remain slim for one of Apple’s longest-running and cheapest iDevices to be overdue for an update.