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A tale of two killers

A look at the Middle East bloody scenario tells a tale of two killers. Both killers show striking similarities.
Despite ideological differences, both are playing equally disgusting role in the region. Both enjoy killing women, children, and innocent masses; both are bad news for minorities.
Both are being condemned around the world individually and publicly. Both are wrapped in conspiracy theories. Both are heavily armed with high-tech Western weapons. Both do not care about Palestinian rights. Both are self-acclaimed superiors.
In spite of opposite camps, they do not seem big threat to each other. They are rich enough to run their bloody agendas for long time. Both thrive on the inconsistencies and injustices that have plagued the region. Indeed, ISIL and Israel are the prime reasons for the settlement of refugee camps in entire region.
World’s failure to address Israel and ISIL has led to the rise of violence in the region.
The causes that led to the rise of these killers are familiar. Western powers have their considerable share. Therefore, they need to play their considerable role. In Iraq and Syria, situation is worsening.
Well-known columnist Francis Matthew in his opinion US needs to offer clarity in what it is doing in Iraq writes, “The Americans have not helped the regional search for leadership by their own policy muddle as the White House seems to hide its intention to get into another Arab war. What started as a humanitarian mission turned into a willingness to take sides in the Iraqi civil war, which then became a willingness to get involved in military action in Syria. All these different military objectives come from very senior US officials, including the president.”As far as Israeli intentions are belonged, Zionists will not tolerate Hamas victory. Netanyahu regime has only broken promises and lies in its bag. Aggression may find another excuse to kill children of Palestine.
Undoubtedly, global effort including regional players is also needed to fight against these two fanatics. Only condemnation would not suffice. Boycotting Israel and discouraging and disowning so-called caliph and his cronies would be necessary for the end of bloody game that has exhausted the region.