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Day 2 of Police Torture on Marchers, Media: Live Blog

ISLAMABAD: Clashes have been reported from different areas of Islamabad as death toll raised to three after police has targeted marchers and media persons in federal capital city, all deceased were activist of Pakistan Awami Tehreek,(PAT), reportes.

Imran Khan

The police in Islamabad has attacked Imran Khan sister’s car with clubs.

She has come to provide food stuff to Imran khan but police stopped her and did not allow her to go.

Police attacked Imran khan sisters cars with clubs and resorted to baton charged on her car.

Imran Khan announced to  separate itself from Javeed Hashmi  path and cleared him that i did not take instructions from any one adding that he misunderstood our stance.

He was addressing to PTI protesters in Islamabad.

He expressed regret on Javeed Hashmi thinking.

The PTI head said that the government wanted press people protest.

He announced to sack three MNA’s of the party who did not give their resignation.

The PTI Chief congratulated the Dr Tahir Ul Qadri and his party followers for their  tremendous discipline and announced that PTI would get training from PAT for great discipline.

He also informed that more good news were coming in favor of out struggle and parties reluctant to support us now pledging to support our struggle.

PTI Chief has said that as many as 20 people have died and around 500 protesters injured due to police brutal torture on the protesters by throwing tear gas and shelling.

He informed that last night he was fired with shelling three times and the government resorted to terrorism last night.

He urged  his activists ready to compete with the government for today’s night aggression adding that “we were not ready for government attack yesterday”, he added.

Dr Tahir Ul Qadri

Dr Tahir Ul Qadri has said that Sharif brothers have done their businesses by loot and plunder in the government.

Qadri addressed the party workers on Sunday evening, he said that earlier his party PAT strive for change in the country solely, now PTI and PAT have started  joint struggle against the corrupt system of the country.

He praised the political activists of his party and PTI for courageous and brave attitude against the government brutal action on the protesters.

Qadri said that Sharif brothers have established their dynasty in the country on the name of democracy adding that they trusted only on their family.

Police Shelling starts again

Police has started shelling again on the protesters of PTI and PAT activist in late afternoon of Sunday

Police are targeting protesters around Shahra-e-Datoor with tear gas and shelling.

PTI protest has continued on three different locations around read zone.

The police has fired rubber bullets and tear gas shelling on the protesters.

It is expected that numbers of injured could be increase with latest police action.

Pervez Elahi

PML-Q leader Pervez Elahi has said that the government has resorted to torture and termed it barbaric.

He was saddened to see injured activists.

Shireen Mazari

PTI Central information secretary Shireen Mazari said that party has complete trust on leadership of Imran Khan.

She added that whole of PTI stand with its Chairman Imran Khan.

Javeed Hashmi

There is thin distance between our protest and martial law, Hashmi

Hashmi requests Imran Khan to stop the violent protest to save party from embarrassment.

PTI president informed the press that Imran said to him he should follow his instructions as a party leader.

Hashmi iformed that Imran khan told us that compulsion has arrived and we have to go ahead if you (Hashmi) did not want to go then you can leave.

He said that Shiekh Rasheed had come up on the container with someone message after that Imran decided to go ahead.

Imran khan has assured that they would not go ahead of D-chowk, Hashmi

PTI president condemned government torture on political activists and media persons.

It is a bad time for activists and media as well and urged the government to stop torture on masses and Journalists, Hashmi added.

PTI president said government torture was barbaric.

” I am very much concerned on present situation” ,Hashmi said.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi

Vice chairman of PTI Shah Mahmood Qureshi has condemned the torture on party activists.

 There is need to solve the situation through negotiations, Qureshi stressed.

Imran Khan Speech

The PTI head said that current torture on PTI and PAT protesters has unearthed the dictatorship of Nawaz Sharif.

Imran khan said that the government has planned another attack for today.

“How long can this outrage by the Government go on? We’ll persist, and will sustain through. We have already won!”

PTI chief Imran khan has asked all the civil servants for civil disobedience adding that they should not follow the government instructions.

He further said that lies had been told against the leadership and workers of PTI and PAT.

PTI workers ready to face any situation, will not leave Islamabad after the brutality of Punjab Police.

“Independence or Death, no other option”.

Nawas Sharif proves that he believes on fascism not democracy, says Imran Khan while addressing to the marchers.

PTI chairman has said FIR will be registered against Nawas Sharif and interior minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan.

police in islamabad violence

Container have been set ablaze at front of cabinet division building.

Pakistan Awami Tehreek and Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf workers were gathered at Cabinet Division building, Parliament house, PIMs hospital and other areas.

Representative of PIMS hospital Dr Javed Akram told reported that another injured person Abdul Ghani has died on Sunday morning. death toll raised to 3.