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Apple iPhone 6 rumours roundup

WASHINGTON: We are just 9 away to see Apple’s next generation highly anticipated device iPhone 6, now we have gathered some specs and features of the device.

Reports and recent leaked images suggest that Apple iPhone 6 will be the slimmest, fastest and biggest smartphone that company has ever produces.

Samsung and HTC already getting the attention from the smartphone market, while Nokia and LG are also gearing up to unveil their respective flagship smartphone, Apple fans still have to wait for a while. According to report, Apple have target to launch bunch of device including an iWatch, iPhone 6,iPad Pro and 12 inch MacBook Air with Retina display.

Among those devices Apple iPhone 6 is the most prominent and it is expected to come in the forth quarter of this year. According to sources the device is expected to release on company’s September 9 event.

Let’s have a quick look at the specs and features of the upcoming iPhone.

The processor is the key factor in the success of the device so Apple will bring A8 Octa-core processor or up graded chip for its new iPhone. We already seen the iPhone 6 running the iOS 8, so the device is likely to release with the company’s latest operating system.

Apple has the Retina + IGZO display and a new factor with no home button. But recently leaked images indicate the bigger screen of 5.5 inches and 4.7 inch models of Apple’s next generation smartphone.

The iPhone 6 also expected to be the highest resolution among the iPhone world.

We have seen an iPad with 128 GB storage capacity so we can hope iPhone 6 to come with the storage of capacity of 16/32/64 and 128 GB or keep the same as iPhone 5S have. Now a days it is become common that company introduce wireless charger for their flagship devices, but Apple haven’t done yet. Company will probably introducing wireless charger which could charge multiple devices simultaneously.

iPhone 6 is likely to have 3.2 megapixel face HD camera and 13 megapixel 3D rear camera. The device also includes curve video feature, as Redmond Pie reported.

Apple will deliver some eye tracking motions technology in its iPhone which allows the user to use the device without touch. According to reports, Apple iPhone 6 is expected to come with finger print scanner. The device might support 802,11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

The price of iPhone is one of few things which doesn’t change. If Apple repeats its pricing strategy, iPhone 6 is expected to start from $199 with contract and from $ 599 without contract. The reports earlier this year suggest that Apple iPhone 6 is expected to launch in the August of this  year, but according to our reliable sources companies next generation iPhone will launch in the September of this year.

The above specifications and features describe the story that Apple iPhone 6 will be the best and the fastest ever iPhone from Apple.