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September 27, 2020
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Google unveiled its prototype self driving car without steering or brake paddle


WASHINGTON: Search engine giant Google after cementing its place in smartphone and tablet market now joins the auto mobile market with its recently unveiled Self driving car.  

We have been hearing about Google’s prototype project for long time and now company unveils its first prototype car.

According to the company, the automobiles will be very “basic” as it wants to adapt them as quickly as possible to different use-cases, but the bottom line is that they will transport you to your destination at the push of a button.

Google says that its self-drive vehicles focus on safety. They come equipped with sensors that remove blind spots, and can detect objects at a distance of more than two football fields in all directions, which the company notes is helpful particularly on busy streets with several intersections, TheNextWeb reported.

Google has also limited the speed of its first prototype vehicles at 25 mph. the car doesn’t have steering or any brake paddle.