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Microsoft Surface Pro 2 coming in early 2014?


Microsoft is likely to release its Windows 8 Surface Pro 2 tablet in early 2014, reports say.

There have been rumors that the next-gen Surface devices are currently under testing and will feature a number of improvements over the current generation.

The most important upgrade will be related to specs, but you can expect much more from the company now.

It is expected that the next-gen Surface Pro 2 will arrive in early 2014 will run on the recently announced next-gen Intel Haswell chipsets. The tablet will be 4G enabled in order to provide the fastest Internet connection.

The company has also accepted the fact that the quality of apps available on Windows Store is much more important than the quantity. Explaining the facts, Microsoft said that it’s more important to get Instagram onto the Windows platform rather than adding 900,000 new apps that consumers might not be interested-in.

Microsoft released its Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets a year ago, but the sales weren’t exactly what the company was expecting for.