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Social media has surpassed electronic media in Pakistan: Syed Munawar Hasan

Lahore: Jamaat e Islami chief,  Syed Munawar Hasan on Sunday said that social media has proved its influence and has surpassed electronic media in Pakistan.

Addressing a two days digital media workshop at JI headquarters ‘Mansoora’ in Lahore, the JI Ameer stated that the importance of media is becoming more and more vital these days.

JI activists from all across the country participated in the digital media workshop held at the headquarters.

Praising the role of social media, Hasan said, “Social media is very important for ideological movements to propagate their message to the masses”.

Reflecting upon the Arab spring and revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, the JI amir said that social media was used as effective tool in these movements.

Syed Munawar Hasan said that after emergence of electronic media, some people were predicting the demise of print media but it survived the test of times and now print media is considered more logical and responsible. He said that more newspapers are coming up which shows a significant growth in print media industry. Therefore, the importance of conventional media should not be neglected.

Muhammad Saad Khan, Waqas Anjum Jafri and Shamsuddin Amjad in Digital media leadership workshop held at Jamaat e Islami headquarter Mansoora LahoreHe further told the participants that the United States and its allies were using their military might against Muslims. He reiterated that despite the technological advantage, the US forces are facing defeat in Afghanistan which reflects the courage and zeal of Muslims.

Incharge of social media dept of JI, Syed Waqas Anjum said that the aim of the workshop was to ‘connect for change’ and activists across the country were brought together to improve coordination and collaboration among social media team. Shamsuddin Amjad imparted technical training to the participants.