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Mother gifts plastic surgery to daughter on 8th birthday

London: This novel mother is back in news. This time, for gifting her daughter 8,000 pounds worth of cosmetic surgery vouchers for her little girl’s eighth birthday.

Sarah Burge believes it’s perfectly OK to introduce her daughter to the world of Botox, facelifts, nose and boob job, reveals daily Mirror.

Poppy, the prospective recipient of this gift next month, is so young that her front two teeth have yet to come through, however, her mother has other plans for her.

In the last two decades, Sarah has splurged more than £250,000 on her own cosmetic procedures. She wants to give her daughter the best she can so that she can grow up to be ‘just like her’, said the daily.

The 51-year-old former nurse runs her own cosmetic surgery clinic and is known for throwing her home open for Botox parties. She believes she is investing in her daughter’s future and will continue to buy vouchers for every birthday and Christmas and will hand them over to her daughter when she turns 18.