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March 7, 2021
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Pakistan wins UNSC’s non-permanent seat

New York: Pakistan has been elected non-permanent member of United Nations Security Council for Asia-Pacific region.

The UN headquarters in New York today hosted elections of non-permanent Security Council members for 2012-2013.

Pakistan got 129 votes out of 193. Pakistan had required 128 votes to win the non-permanent seat of United Nations Security Council.

Pakistan won the non-permanent seat of United Nations Security Council for the seventh time. The important thing of today’s voting was Pakistan’s archrival India also voted in favour of Islamabad.

New non-permanent UNSC members are Pakistan, Morocco and Guatemala.

Azerbaijan nominated its candidacy for a non-permanent UNSC member from the Eastern European group. Hungary and Slovenia in addition to Azerbaijan have claimed for one place from this group.

The Council is composed of five permanent members – China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States – and ten non-permanent members. Ten non-permanent members are elected by the General Assembly for two-year terms and not eligible for immediate re-election. Contrast to the “Big Five”, they do not have veto power.

The number of non-permanent members was increased from six to ten by an amendment of the UN Charter in 1965.

The so-called regional groups nominate the country’s candidacy for the elections. So, five candidates – Kyrgyzstan, Mauritania, Morocco, Pakistan and Togo were nominated from Africa and Asia Pacific region. They struggle for the three places to be vacated from Dec. 31, 2011 – Gabon Lebanon and Nigeria.

From Eastern European States, Azerbaijan, Hungary and Slovenia claimed for places that Bosnia and Herzegovina will vacate in late 2011.

Only one candidate-Guatemala was nominated to a place to be vacated by Brazil.

According to regulations, the election of non-permanent members is performed by secret


All of the nine candidate countries, except Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Guatemala, previously were elected non-permanent members of the UNSC.

Based on the Article 23 of the UN Charter, the General Assembly elects ten non-permanent Security Council members, paying attention in the first instance to the country’s participation in the maintenance of international peace and security and achieve other objectives.